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Assembly Engineering is a wiring harness manufacturer providing OEMs from startup to S&P 500 with value, true flexibility and quality for over 25 years.

Plug Displacement Crimp wiring harness

Specialized Terminals

Complete wiring Harness

Custom Configurations

Carol Cable

Cable Processing

Teflon Wire Molex Connector

Specialized Wire


At Assembly Engineering, we are committed to a history of providing the largest wiring harness cost advantage possible to our customers. By leveraging technology, industry knowledge and in-house expertise we deliver this within our manufacturing quality system.

Products vary and have included specialized terminals and components to multi-wire configurations and high volume leads. Partnering with us, our customers are able to focus on their product and harness design and let us handle the rest.

Emphasis on process

We offer unique manufacturing processes that are continuously redefined and optimized through limiting process variation. In identifying the value added, we work to deliver a robust product and performance advantage to our end consumer.

    OEM products include:

  • Electrical Harnesses for Military, HVAC, Utilities, and Consumer Products
  • Single Lead Wires
  • Grease Sample Capsules
  • Shielded and Protected Wire Harnesses

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Standard Compliance

UL certified Harness
CSA Certified Wire harness

UL and CSA Certified. UL and CSA are to the harness industry what SAE and EPA are to the automotive industry.


HVAC Harnesses


 25 Years

Supplying companies with their electrical harnesses for over 25 years with expertise defined and redefined by quality processes.

Electric Wire Harnesses

Assembly Engineering Pelican Rapids MN

Pelican Rapids, MN

We produce our wiring harnesses in Minnesota, the heart of the Midwest, with quick access to the major surrounding cities. This helps us maintain short lead times and greater flexibility with shipment requests.

Wire sleeve

Our Product

Electrical Harnesses

Specializing in custom lengths, guages and designs we produce wiring harnesses to power your products. This includes the processing such as cutting, stripping, crimping and assembly that is our primary focus and which has allowed for a top tier product exceeding industry standards.

HVAC HarnessesElectric Wire Harnesses Defense Wire Harnesses


Our production goes to OEMs following our respective standards of process quality.
-Consumer Products

Original Building


Privately held, we have been producing wire harnesses in Pelican Rapids, MN for over 25 years. At Assembly we believe that it takes a team to produce and excel a business to continue to offer higher value that the competition

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