Wire Harness Assembly

Military Grade Wire Harnesses

Wire Harness Assembly


When you choose us, you are choosing a supply partner that has been tested and trusted to produce in the OEM wire harness industry for over 25 years. From wire harness assembly in HVAC and Military industries to Utilities and Consumer Products, our philosophy of value and efficiency truly drives us.

In each application we maintain the standards and processes designed to ensure quality and reliable performance of our customer’s products. That is our goal. Our end applications range and can include adverse conditions or unique placements which we work together to develop solutions for.

Examples include:

  • High Temperatures
  • Unique Mounting Conditions
  • Special Labeling

Wire Harness Assembly

Product Capabilities

We work with our customers to supply a wiring harness that meets the demands of their products. This includes working with each specification to allow a great product to perform and achieve top results. In producing for cross-industry applications we are able to provide electrical terminals, components and harnesses with a broad range of requirements.

Our processes allow for:

  • 6 AWG to 34 AWG wiring harnesses and leads
  • Multi-Wire Cables
  • Special Insulated Cables

Wiring harness lead time

Lead Time

Production time is paramount today’s market. Our mission is to be lean and nimble enough to meet the time requirements of our customers and their schedules. With our size and flexibility we feel confident in delivering your product with a short industry lead time.

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